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Did I think before I spoke?

Did I read before I wrote?

Are my thoughts my own, or just headlines that I quote?

What compels me to care?

Help a stranger in despair?

American Dream or Continental Nightmare?

Who are the real terrorists?

Use a gun or use my fists?

Was the point made or missed?

Should I ask or insist?

Empathy? Sympathy?

Do I live just for me?

Why do I pledge to a Republic if this is a Democracy?

How do I define “free”? Or “equality”?

Is this the best that I can be?

Should this constitute a fee?

Is the bargain worth the plea?

And why does every damn direction point me back towards my TV?

Who permits the perpetrators to debunk conspiracy?

Is there a picture that's much bigger than my naked eyes can see?

Was it fair the way I won?

Have we only just begun?

Best to fight or best to run?

Are we ever really done?

Is everyone having fun...

...or am I the only one?

At whose expense will this prevail?

Am I a chauvinistic male?

Did I hear the whole story, or just a portion of the tale?

Are my belief structures stale?

Am I White or just plain pale?

Am I the real me in public or a farce behind a vail?

Is this an acceptable excuse?

Could this be labeled as abuse?

Do words lose their meaning when their use is all too loose?

How am I defining “friend”?

Will I regret pressing “send”?

All that I claim, am I prepared to defend?

Is this a means to an end? A chance to transcend? Have I taken time to consider how my actions might offend?

Are my words from the heart?

Are we better off apart?

Who came up with the standards for stupid versus smart?

If voting is my voice, why am I limited in choice?

Do I understand my rights in any situation?

Does my next move require further contemplation?

Will the guarantee come with a silent stipulation?

Would the world be better off without my latest creation?

Does a constant stream of content destroy my concentration?

Was that a command or a suggestion?

...I wasn’t listening - could you please repeat the question?

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