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Me and Bobby McGee Reviews


Pacific Book Review

"...Raw humor embedded in every sentence, a masterpiece of comedic literature. The book is not hard to put down … it’s impossible."

-Gary Sorkin (Pacific Book Review)


"The U.S. government further complicates matters, as do extreme right-wing religious groups who support the selling of babies as an alternative to abortion...and then things start to get weird!"


"... A darkly-comedic, socio-political road trip in the disturbing legacy of Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson and Warren Ellis... This is the "Big Lebowski" of literature - addle-brained, slightly reprehensible, clever-as-hell"

-Jared Shurin (Pornokitsch)

JESSE VINT (legendary actor - Macon County Line, Chinatown)

"It was a journey that I didn't expect -- fast paced and funny. The main character, Keesey, is one of these guys that is very cagey, highly gifted, but living out his life in a stupid way -- everybody has known at least one of these. It took me a while to realize that the book was a political satire. Once that came to me I began letting logic slide and just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I still think that it would be difficult to fall for the girl, Bobby McGee. She's, in many ways, more of a man than he is. Is she a challenge? Oh definitely! Maybe that's why he finds her irresistible after she kicked him in the balls at least three times. The question for me throughout the read was whether or not Keesey will finally come to his senses, since by page ten we know he is a very gifted individual. Will his weaknesses and vices continue to rule him throughout his lifetime? Well, I've known these types, as most people have, and I say that it is a coin toss. You can see the shadow of Jonathan Swift's satirical hand throughout, but it definitely is a good read. I see a major motion picture in this novel -- Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as the leads. I'd be first in line."



"...It's a very addictive read. I picked it up and seriously did not want to put it down!"

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